How Planning For Strategic Scaling Can Help Our Products Deliver Value

Our good friend Mary Jane has been busy the past few days documenting her recommendations for the next phase of the market penetration strategy. After a successful launch into a new industry and region, the team uncovered several insights about the market.

The initial data showed an approval rate from…

How Empowering Our Teams Leads To Our Products Becoming More Valuable

Our product leader friend is happily busy with new development endeavors that were recently green-lighted. Mary was delighted when she heard that one of her product’s services could help internal departments improve their process.

Mary has been leading her talented team towards meeting their goals while aligning the organization to…

How Working Heuristically and Thinking Holistically Can Help Our Products Deliver Value

It’s been some time since our friends joined the product managers group. As active members, they have participated in several conversations ranging from basic practices to experimental concepts. Some of those conversations inspired and helped people to maximize the value of their products.

Mary’s talk about persuading and influencing in…

How Entrepreneurship Practices Influences How Companies are Formed

Let me tell you a story of entrepreneurship ideas. These different examples relate to visions, ambitions, and hopes of forming a business from a particular interest, joyful, or skillful activity. There are certainly more ways to start a company and successful business. Here are just a few development opportunities.


How Empathy, Authenticity, and Determination can Help our Products Deliver Value.

Our good friend John Doe recently attended a conference organized by his product management group. The idea behind the event was to give exposure to its members by promoting their experiences and best practices.

The conference consisted of talks addressing common product management problems. The proposed format encouraged speakers to…

How User Research and Analysis can Help our Products Deliver Value

Our good friend John Doe has encountered some interesting challenges lately. The last time we talked with him, he was about to begin development work for a user activity dashboard along with some user interface adjustments.

The goal is to achieve a 10% customer increase. ProductNation wants to expand its…

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Product enthusiast, agilist, continuous learner - Technology development & innovation

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