How Education Can Stimulate Your Creativity

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We all have been in a position where something comes naturally to us. We figure out how to easily do something; we enjoy doing something and project dexterity; we commit to doing something and gradually become better, or someone notices our prowess and compliments us.

If we do not recall this happening to us, we have certainly seen people with extraordinary skills. People like sports stars, artists, and leaders who are celebrated and admired for their achievements. We see them as role models. They inspire us to follow their example. …

How our Products generate value towards reaching long-term goals

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Our good friend Mary Jane has been busy at WeAreProducts. Different stakeholders approached her soon after she presented her plans for entering a new market and region. Most of them interested in detailing domain-specific tasks, as well as offering development and implementation resources.

It didn’t take long for the company’s legal department and local business office to approve her business proposal. Both agree that it’s feasible and worth pursuing. Her ambitious and daring idea resonated well with leadership. They are confident that Mary will take the right approach to expand WeAreProducts’ footprint and market share.

Shortly after getting approval, a…

How different strategies can help our Products deliver value

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Our friend John Doe has been very busy lately. ProductNation’s leadership is willing to fund a promising idea if he builds a strong business case. Stakeholders have been approaching him with several product ideas, business opportunities, and guidance on market analysis. Management is supportive of his newly acquired business development opportunities and is promoting The Scrum Team’s success across the organization.

The developers are looking forward to collaborating more closely with the company’s core business and stakeholders. The idea of forging a new product excites them the most. Everybody is eager to start analyzing requirements and begin development.

John is…

How our products deliver business value

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Things are looking good for our good friend John Doe at ProductNation. He has been continuously raising the bar for his product, Net Promoter Score has remained high, and customers have been providing feedback and kudos to the team.

Stakeholders and management feel confident that ProductNation will continue to excel in the market thanks to the Scrum Team’s outstanding work. Leadership is excited about John’s contribution to the product’s success and has requested him to work more closely with the business!

John is excited and nervous to talk about the business value of his product with leadership. He has enough…

How experimentation and data-backed decisions can help our product deliver value.

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Our good friend John Doe has been continuously improving his product, processes, and work relationships with each iteration at ProductNation. The whole team has gained significant knowledge and skills that help deliver value, boosting morale to its highest level since John joined the company! Stakeholders and management both agree that the team has matured and are comfortable with its current performance.

As a result, the Scrum Team is more engaged with their product. Everybody seeks new opportunities to collaborate and participate in ceremonies, with John taking the lead as new ideas are discussed and presented to Stakeholders.

Developers feel that…

How an empirical approach can help our Product deliver Value.

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It’s been some time since our good friend John Doe broke into Product. He has come a long way at ProductNation. His team’s morale (both engineering and stakeholders) got a boost after receiving good customer feedback, and management is less worried about the team’s performance.

But these wins came as a double-edged sword. John’s stakeholders are pressuring him to commit to more requests and features. Management expects the team’s performance to continually increase and for John to promote pleasing the business…

This causes internal frustration as the developers can not establish a healthy steady pace and John’s realization that his…

How do different environments affect our Product’s development.

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Let’s talk about our good friend John Doe and his new role in Product. After several interviews, courses and product exercises he was finally offered a Product Owner position at ProductNation! On his first 30 days, he is on-boarded and presented to his team, stakeholders and product (along with its massive backlog).

John soon realizes that his opportunity to change the world is a little bit different from what he prepared for. There are conflicting stakeholder interests, management has not entirely embrace Agile, his team members are burned out and there are several commitments reaching their deadline.

Being new to…

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