How Entrepreneurship Practices Influences How Companies are Formed

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Let me tell you a story of entrepreneurship ideas. These different examples relate to visions, ambitions, and hopes of forming a business from a particular interest, joyful, or skillful activity. There are certainly more ways to start a company and successful business. Here are just a few development opportunities.

Some years ago, I dreamed of starting a video game company. It was my favorite hobby at the time. Not only did I enjoy playing, but analyzing game levels, music, and lore. I was interested in how programmers conceptualized ideas and turned them into features.

These games inspired my imagination more…

How Empathy, Authenticity, and Determination can Help our Products Deliver Value.

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Our good friend John Doe recently attended a conference organized by his product management group. The idea behind the event was to give exposure to its members by promoting their experiences and best practices.

The conference consisted of talks addressing common product management problems. The proposed format encouraged speakers to recount their experiences and how they resolved their situation. After exposing, a Q&A session with the audience will conclude their participation.

John was particularly excited to hear from the guest speaker, none other than our other good friend Mary Jane. Her talk was about persuading and influencing in Product. …

How Listening to our Users can Help our Products Deliver Value

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Mary Jane has made significant progress towards establishing WeAreProducts in the market. The product catalog has gone through a couple of iterations, and it’s ready to launch its third milestone. The team is excited and hopeful for the launch to generate the desired impact as previous versions have yet to resonate with the projected user base.

Leadership has set an ambitious goal of entering a new market. Mary did a good job crafting and communicating the product vision, and the team organized to work on accomplishing their objective.

As with any business endeavor, there is always some degree of risk…

How Setting Ambitious Goals can Help and Hinder Our Products

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Our good friend John Doe has been under a lot of pressure for meeting his growth targets. ProductNation expects to expand its business to another market and has trusted John to lead the initiative. He feels obligated to comply with this ambitious challenge in part by his gratitude towards Leadership and to prove himself ready for bigger things.

The scrum team, along with John, has complete creative liberty concerning the product. As long as they continue delivering customer and business value, they are free to propose and experiment as they see fit to accomplish their goals.

The team appreciates the…

How User Research and Analysis can Help our Products Deliver Value

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Our good friend John Doe has encountered some interesting challenges lately. The last time we talked with him, he was about to begin development work for a user activity dashboard along with some user interface adjustments.

The goal is to achieve a 10% customer increase. ProductNation wants to expand its market share and has trusted John to lead the company effort by growing his product. With their approval of his business case, the plan is to standardize the user experience to meet customer expectations.

John’s latest experiment proved to be a modest success. While customers did appreciate the user interface…

How Leaders Can Establish and Maintain a Healthy Environment

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Our good friend Mary Jane has been busy with her new project at WeAreProducts. The last time we heard from her, she finished coordinating the development plan for a beta version of the online product catalog.

Her entire team has been working on different activities to support a successful launch. Subject matter experts work closely with developers in discussing ideas and analyzing feedback. Volunteers actively propose and develop requirements. Business partners guide the local market’s penetration strategy. Everybody is highly motivated as they feel their work is a valuable contribution to the product.

The development team is especially interested in…

How to Commit to Things That Bring Us Joy

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Let’s take a moment and reflect: How was your day? What did you enjoy? Was there something you didn’t like? Did you accomplish all you had planned? Hopefully, you had a good day. Now, let’s talk a little about work.

The vast majority of us have to work to earn a living. It’s one of those things we can’t change, at least not for now. What would our lives be if we could do whatever we like without worrying about expenses? What would we do with all of our free time? Would you travel the world? Would you finally learn…

Don’t Gather Requirements, Elicit Them

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It’s been some time since we last talked to our good friends John and Mary. As usual, they are busy crafting their next product milestone. Both took on new challenges and are working hard to deliver on expectations.

John is working more closely with ProductNation’s leadership. The product metrics show a healthy customer adoption rate, customer satisfaction score, and net promoter score. Monthly recurring revenue has been steady, churn rate has remained low, and there haven’t been critical defects.

John’s stakeholders are interested in exploring growth possibilities. The current metrics justify their request and opens the door for business innovation…

How Education Can Stimulate Your Creativity

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We all have been in a position where something comes naturally to us. We figure out how to easily do something; we enjoy doing something and project dexterity; we commit to doing something and gradually become better, or someone notices our prowess and compliments us.

If we do not recall this happening to us, we have certainly seen people with extraordinary skills. People like sports stars, artists, and leaders who are celebrated and admired for their achievements. We see them as role models. They inspire us to follow their example. …

How our Products generate value towards reaching long-term goals

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Our good friend Mary Jane has been busy at WeAreProducts. Different stakeholders approached her soon after she presented her plans for entering a new market and region. Most of them interested in detailing domain-specific tasks, as well as offering development and implementation resources.

It didn’t take long for the company’s legal department and local business office to approve her business proposal. Both agree that it’s feasible and worth pursuing. Her ambitious and daring idea resonated well with leadership. They are confident that Mary will take the right approach to expand WeAreProducts’ footprint and market share.

Shortly after getting approval, a…

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